Social Media Marketing & Management

Potential Customers need to know about your company. In today’s modern world, social media is a cost efficient tool to drive business to your company.

At Adster, we have a team of experts who create social media marketing plans to ensure your business is linked to the right social platforms. We know you’re busy, so can provide tools and the resources to help keep your business’s social identity current and in the spotlight.

Our areas of expertise!!


Increase the reach of your business

Did you know there are more active Facebook users than television audience at any given moment? So why not spend a lot lesser and have a tenfold targeted reach?


Reach out to your target segment more effectively

Automatically channel content from your WordPress CMS website directly to your target audience.


Campaign Design Solutions

Master the online search engine marketing using Adster’s extensive campaign management solution. We design a tailored marketing campaign as per your budget and goals!! The best part is that our inhouse web design team does the graphical work if needed.