A revamped web presence for popular technology blog

A revamped web presence for popular technology blog

  • Services : Custom JS, Custom Modules, WordPress Blog

To improve visitor retention and experience

To Get the best out of their premium banners

Client Info

Technorms is all about educating netizens about the latest in technology, mobile and web. They are passionate about the technology that makes life easier and hence maintain a blog on the evolving digital world. Their blog has built a learning space that is personal, social and rigorous, where authors are only a comment away to help out, discuss and debate.
  • Region : Global
  • Industry : Blog, Technology

The Challenges

  • To make the blog impact and professional which reflects their values of reporting only true, well-researched news while keeping it interesting.
  • To improve visitor retention and experience.
  • To Get the best out of their premium banners and ads.
  • To increase the reach of their blog.

The Solutions

  • We designed their website and logo that matches their professional and well researched journalism. We also included a responsive, easy to read, faster, interactive and a magazine like blog to make the experience interesting.
  • We also provided the articles suggestion and the display that keeps the readers involved. We also included custom sliders and menus that display the best and the latest of their content.
  • We developed the custom ad placement and delivered a better experience with the downloading windows themes.
  • We provided a better accessibility through social media including the icon placement for share, follow etc. We also provided integration of relevant key words and SEO optimization to further increase the rank of their already popular blog. We redirected traffic from the old blog to the new site thus retaining their previous ranking.


  • The website now functions faster with our optimum codes and with the integration of the best modules available.
  • Our custom design has achieved desired impressions with an increased number of new visitors and an increase retention of old ones.
  • We designed a blog that is easy to manage and which has achieved a better outreach through social media.